Bali with Kids - Guidebook

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 Jeanie F. from Canggu Community School

The book is fabulous.

 Ibu Asri from Biku Restaurant and Tea House.

The books arrived at Biku today and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through it today. Congratulations! It is a wonderful and long overdue book for families.

 Gabrielle from Dandelion Kids

Congratulations on putting together such a fantastic book. I went through it and was impressed with the level of information, emotion and high standards.


Bali with Kids has been an excellent resource for me and my kids during our recent holiday in Bali. It has LOTS of info and it made us discover great places in the North of Bali and on the East coast. The shopping tips and addresses saved us time and money too. This guide is easy to read, has lots of attractive photos and up-to-date info. It's great value and we highly recommend it.

Kelly from Belgium

Bali with Kids was given to us to review and we felt very lucky to have such a wonderful resource. It lists activities, sports, beaches, shops, restaurants and hotels. Our teenage sons could read the entries and choose what they wanted to do every day. We got a discount at a surf school as well as a diving company. We could also make contact and organise a visit to an orphanage in Denpasar. We wouldn't have known how to make this happen or where to start without the book. Bali with Kids really gives you an idea of the scope of activities that are possible if you have a limited time in Bali. I also enjoyed reading the background information in each chapter and the contributions from various writers. They give an insight into the culture and way of life. Each chapter is colour coded and easy to use with a detailed index. I loved the photos of all those happy kids too! This guidebook is a great tool for any family visiting Bali.

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