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from Karlie and Brady Cummins

We have been to Bali many times but on our last visit we downloaded you book - how fabulous! We have used so many of you tips in there and recommend it to all of our friends who are travelling to Bali with their children. Our favourite tips were the Sunday brunches!!!

Kathryn, mum of 2, Glenelg - Adelaide.

This website is a great help to keep up with ongoing and upcoming events for families. The Calendar of Events is such a useful addition to the book and to the website. Definitely worth bookmarking.

Bali Goreng - Ibookstore

This is a great book which is easy to read because venues are categorized into different groups of interest. It's very complete, so even as a Bali resident I discovered many new ideas to do with our daughter and her friends. I have been waiting for a book like this for a long time.

Toko Buku - Bali Advertiser

Bali With Kids is jammed packed with suggestions, contacts, useful ideas and opportunities for long-term residents of Bali. The book is also an invaluable reference if you're planning a successful family vacation in Bali, particularly if you have limited time.

Alex Cramond - Ex Pat in Jakarta

Really good book. I know Bali well but the guide still uncovered some great stuff for the family.....definitely worth buying.


Bali with Kids is a good buy, particularly if you buy it immediately on arrival, plan to come regularly to Bali or wish to settle down here. Combine it with an atlas and a self-drive car, or a hire car with driver, and you'll be set for some excellent adventures around the island.


The book is also an excellent resource for those planning to settle in Bali as well, with listings for schools, health practitioners, where to buy baby supplies, tips on holding birthday parties, children's books related to Bali and more.

Administrator of Living Indonesia Forum

Are you planning travel to Bali with your children ? There is a GREAT new resource available ... a book called Bali with Kids I got an e-book copy .. and LOVE the pictures/ info/ etc. Too bad my "kids" are all young adults now .. I would have loved access to these activities and this book when they were young.

Kim Patra

Its fabulous! Just what this island needed.


Bali With Kids is a well-written book, easy to follow, that presents a lot of different activities available in Bali. I found a lot of new activities I could be doing with my friends in the future. It also gives useful tips to the reader and discounts on some activities. The book's aim in being a helpful guide is well reached. I highly recommend Bali With Kids for families living in Bali and new comers.

Vaughan Hatch, IndOKiwi ‘linguistic & cultural solutions’

Great stuff!

Terri S.

I think Bali with Kids is great, it covers about all there is to do and know about Bali whilst travelling with children. To be honest I even picked up some things that I did not know and I have been living here for 16 years now.

Rhonda from Jet Set Marine

I received the book today, it's an outsanding book and lots of people are talking about it.

Bridget Parker, owner of Enchanted Books

Everything you need to know about Bali – for children. A delightful book offering great suggestions for children activities, shopping & living in Bali – from book shops to elephant parks, snorkeling trips to spa treatments. It has it all.

Bali Krishna Services 

The range of activities available for parents and children in Bali has increased rapidly over the last ten years, so much so that it is difficult to remember all the advertisements you see. Our good friends over at have put together the essential guide for all parents trying to keep abreast of the best activities for their kids. The guide book contains all the information any parent could want to know when bringing kids on the island, it took them a lot of sweat and hard work but they managed to do it. If you are a visiting family or an expat family with babies or teenagers this book will really help you to make the most of Bali Island.

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