Bali with Kids - Guidebook

Thailand for Kids

Thailand is among the world’s most friendly destinations and parents will not struggle to find activities to keep their children occupied while on holiday. The country’s world renowned beaches offer an ideal haven for kids to play, while there are also numerous water parks, amusement parks and boat rides to enjoy. 

An added benefit when travelling Thailand with kids is that money goes a lot further in this part of the world as everything is cheap compared to Western standards. Kids will also enjoy the numerous opportunities to become acquainted with some of their favourite animals, with elephant trekking being a highlight of many a child’s trip.

Fun and activities abound for kids in Bangkok

Bangkok for kids

Bangkok is most tourists’ first port of call and offers numerous attractions. There is a large number thrilling amusement parks on offer, with Dreamworld being the pick of the bunch. The city’s largest amusement park is built in an American style and features roller coasters, bumper cars and a haunted mansion among other attractions. Dreamworld is divided into ‘lands’, every one having its own theme, including Fantasy Land and Snow land.

The city’s extensive canal network offers trips on longtail boats, proving an exciting experience for kids. Trips often come with a guide who will provide information along the way – most likely to be of more interest to the parents – while the kids can feed the catfish gathered by the canal-side temples.

Bangkok is also famous for its large malls with all the modern-day amenities and most will not leave the capital without visiting at least one. The air-conditioned shopping centres offer respite from the intense heat and also cater for children with large areas of fun such as playgrounds designed for toddlers. Older children will also be impressed by the huge video game arcades and cinema complexes, while there is no shortage of fast food outlets. More on Bangkok for kids.

Kids always have a great time in Phuket

Phuket for kids

Phuket is Thailand’s largest and most-visited island and parents will not find it difficult to fill their day while staying here. Animal shows are offered in abundance on the island and kids can enjoy snake shows involving the terrifying King Cobra. The Phuket Zoo puts on elephant, crocodile and snake shows every day.

Another favourite activity on the island among kids is snorkelling, which can be enjoyed on most beaches as well as on day-trips to nearby islands. Trips to Racha Yai Island and Coral Island are especially good, only taking an hour to reach by speedboat and offering clear, calm waters with an abundance of colourful marine life. More on Phuket for kids.

Koh Samui for kids

Koh Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand, is another excellent destination for familes with kids. Active children will enjoy the two-kilometre hike through the jungle which starts in Hin Lad, near Na Thon. Just beneath the public path is a small river with rock pools and waterfalls, while heading up the mountain you’ll find larger pools perfect for swimming.

Sporting activities are also provided, with the mini-golf course at Choeng Mon offering an ideal place to spend an hour or two with the kids. Nearby, families can also partake in the popular football-golf – a new hybrid game involving using your foot in place of a club. More on Samui for kids.

Kids cool off at the Mae Sa Waterfalls

Chiang Mai for kids

Chiang Mai, the jewel of the north, is one of the best locations in the country for families with children. Elephant rides are one of the highlights in the area and around 70 kms from the city is the Elephant Conservation Centre where, in addition to the rides, are some entertaining shows by these fascinating animals.

The Night Safari a little closer the city offers the chance to view Asia and Africa’s finest predators within a safe environment. Kids can enjoy the night safari trip on a jeep, the nature trails and the mini-zoo area.

If you’re visiting the city in mid-April, kids will love the mayhem of Songkran. Visitors from all over the country flock to Chiang Mai during this period to partake in the Thai New Year. Thai celebrate new year by throwing water on each other, and for three days – often stretched out to four or five – the streets are amass with revellers armed super-soakers and buckets of water. More on Chiang Mai for kids.