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New Bali Guidebook 'Bali with Kids' – a Comprehensive User Guide for Residents and Island Visitors with Children.

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We have to ask: Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

People traveling on holiday with children know that making a holiday work for your children is the essential ingredient to a successful vacation overall. Or, as the authors of the new guidebook"Bali with Kids: Families Guidebook for Babies to Teenagers" proclaim: "Happy kids make Happy Parents."

Written for parents of infant to teenagers, there are helpful chapters on Kid friendly hotels, kid friendly restaurants, encounters with Bali animals, shopping, entertaining kids, and how to hold a birthday for kids in Paradise. There's even a detailed reading list of children's books on Bali that can help fill the quieter moments of a busy Bali holiday for your child.

The book includes loads of helpful suggestions and contacts needed for planning a Bali holiday when children are in tow. Contributors include experienced educators, travelers and parents. Helpful cultural tips removes unnecessary barriers, presenting useful ideas and opportunities to share the magic of Bali with kids privileged to be visiting or living on the island.

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A local group has just released a brand new guidebook for families visiting or settled in Bali. It's called Bali With Kids- Families's guidebook for babies to teenagers. This guidebook is the first of its kind in Bali. It lists over 300 kid friendly places for families and gives full contact details, price range and age appropriateness for each entry. The book lists long time favorites as well as the latest kid friendly venues. In addition, Bali With Kids readers will benefit from several discounts offered by the companies listed. It's a very colourful and lively book and we've had great feedback from families so far. Our motto is: "Happy Kids Make Happy Parents.
From next the next edition of TB we will be running excerpts from the book for our readers with kids.

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The family invasion of Bali is nearly complete, nowhere is safe from the happy and friendly smiles of welcoming Balinese hotel and restaurant owners. Bali is becoming one of the world best holiday destinations to bring kids due to a multitude of factors. Bali is affordable for those on a shoe-string budget and offers the highest of luxury for those lucky enough to have an unlimited budget. The sunny tropical weather makes it a beach paradise, but the beautiful villages of Kintamani and Ubud tucked away in the mountainous regions offer a completely unique experience. Finally, most who visit this island talk of the kind nature of the Balinese people in an almost mythical sense; without doubt the Balinese are very welcoming and they make for great child carers. Finding nannies and babysitters in Bali is easy and can be done on a tight budget.

The range of activities available for parents and children in Bali has increased rapidly over the last ten years, so much so that it is difficult to remember all the advertisements you see. Our good friends over at have put together the essential guide for all parents trying to keep abreast of the best activities for their kids. The guide book contains all the information any parent could want to know when bringing kids on the island, it took them a lot of sweat and hard work but they managed to do it.

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A new guide book about Bali is available, namely "Bali with Kids". As the title already states it is a guide book for families planning a trip to Bali with their kids (babies to teenagers). It is packed with up-to-date information on kid friendly places and activities to help parents plan their stay in Bali. All entries come with age appropriateness, price range, highlights, contacts and websites. New new easy to use guide book compiles useful tips and over 300 listings of Bali's all time favorites and new venues for families.