Bali with Kids - Guidebook

The family invasion of Bali is nearly complete, nowhere is safe from the happy and friendly smiles of welcoming Balinese hotel and restaurant owners. Bali is becoming one of the world best holiday destinations to bring kids due to a multitude of factors. Bali is affordable for those on a shoe-string budget and offers the highest of luxury for those lucky enough to have an unlimited budget. The sunny tropical weather makes it a beach paradise, but the beautiful villages of Kintamani and Ubud tucked away in the mountainous regions offer a completely unique experience. Finally, most who visit this island talk of the kind nature of the Balinese people in an almost mythical sense; without doubt the Balinese are very welcoming and they make for great child carers. Finding nannies and babysitters in Bali is easy and can be done on a tight budget.

The range of activities available for parents and children in Bali has increased rapidly over the last ten years, so much so that it is difficult to remember all the advertisements you see. Our good friends over at have put together the essential guide for all parents trying to keep abreast of the best activities for their kids. The guide book contains all the information any parent could want to know when bringing kids on the island, it took them a lot of sweat and hard work but they managed to do it.