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When we let them know we were visiting Bali, the publishers of Bali with Kids guidebook were kind enough to drop off a copy to our first hotel to help us make the most of our trip.

Bali with kids provides a huge wealth of info for families visiting Bali from where to stay, what to experience, where to shop and eat as well as useful info on health and medical services (including local natural health remedies for ailments like Bali Belly), equipment hire and more. Bali with Kids lists just about every activity a family can enjoy in Bali from nature and animal experiences to water sports, cinema outings and magic shows. All of the activities listed in Bali with Kids have a helpful price range indicator as well as an guide to the most appropriate age group for each activity.


Babies have their own chapter full of great advice, contacts and useful businesses. The book also features a chapter for those relocating to Bali including info on schools, useful phone numbers and websites . We referred to the guide to help us figure out where to shop with a toddler in tow, we were able to work out which shopping areas would be pram friendly and air conditioned. We were also able to use the book to help us communicate our needs to hotel staff or taxi drivers, if they weren’t familiar with which street a shopping area, hotel or restaurant was located on it was really simple to whip out our copy of Bali with Kids and show our driver.

We found Bali with kids to be a great resource and I wish I’d had a copy when planning our trip, the book is well laid out, colourful and easy to use. Bali with kids is also available electronically.

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What first occurs to you when you pick up Bali with Kids is: Why didn't someone think of this sooner? This unique compilation of information, the first of its kind, is not only indispensable for newly arrived families holidaying on Bali but of great value to residents who have been here for decades as it uncovers hundreds of little known or underpublicized activities reaching even into North and East Bali.


Holiday on Bali with Kids!


Parents who travel on holiday with their children know that making a holiday work for them too is essential for a successful vacation. The authors of a new guidebook "Bali with Kids: Families Guidebook for Babies to Teenagers" like to say: "Happy kids make Happy Parents."

The book was written for parents of children from infant to teenagers. There are helpful chapters on child friendly hotels, child friendly restaurants, possible encounters with Bali animals, shopping, entertaining children, and how to organise a birthday for children on Bali. There's even a special list of children's books on Bali that may help relieve any boredom during quieter moments of a busy Bali holiday.

The book has lots of useful ideas and contacts for planning a perfect Bali holiday when children are around. Contributors include experienced educators, travellers and parents. Helpful cultural tips will help remove unnecessary barriers, and useful ideas and opportunities are there to share the magic of Bali with children.

There is also practical advice and information on medical issues related to children, and contacts with non-governmental organizations working to improve the lot of Bali's children.

La Gazette de Bali

Bali with Kids - La gazette de Bali

Un guide de Bali en culottes courtes

Indispensable pour toutes les familles en visite ou résidant à Bali, il propose des activités autant insolites qu'incontournables, de la découverte de la faune et la flore aux sports nautiques, en passant par les visites culturelles, les établissements de santé les plus adaptés ou encore des idées pour célébrer l'anniversaire de vos chérubins ! Vous pouvez, par exemple, décider de partir en expédition dans la jungle balinaise avec le charismatique Jean de la Jungle, ou bien vous laissez tenter par le charme d'un spa pour enfants de Seminyak ou encore opter pour la dégustation des meilleures glaces de l'île, chez Massimo ! Enfin, chaque encart est accompagné d'indicateurs relatifs au prix de l'activité et à l'âge minimum requis, mais pas d'inquiétude il y en a vraiment pour tous les âges et pour tous les goûts !

La Gazette de Bali