Bali with Kids - Guidebook

January Highlight: Resorts with a Heart on Gili Trawangan

kids resort gili bali

Gili Trawangan is a great option for families: no cars, white sand and good snorkelling and diving. Kids love to ride the typical Cidomos (horse carts) or bicycle round the island. It is now well developed with many restaurants offering good and relatively cheap food. The North of the island is quieter and has a better beach than the East and is better suited for families.

Almarik Villas

kids almeric resort

Almarik Villas is an excellent place to stay for families with children. They offer spacious rooms in bungalows and the daybed can become a bed for one or two children. This resort faces the beach and is particularly suited to families who want to enjoy the sea. The snorkelling opposite the resort is great and they have a full Padi dive shop onsite, Gangga Divers, offering initiation dives and courses for the whole families. Children as young as 8 years old can try the Bubble Maker programme and learn how to use a scuba in the hotel pool. The dive shop staff are patient and love working with children. The pool is by the restaurant and parents can always keep an eye on their kids. The restaurant also continues onto the beach and parents can enjoy a sunset drink and dinner while kids can play in the sand. The menu offers good options for kids.

Kelapa Luxury Villas

kelapa villa gilli kids

Kelapa Luxury Villas is a recent complex of modern, stylish villas located in the south of Gili Trawangan. Their owners have children themselves and are accommodating to families. This well designed complex has 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom villas, all with their own swimming pools. Families can enjoy the privacy of their own villa and live at their own pace, use the villa kitchen or order from the resort kitchen. The villas are luxurious and comfortable. If families enjoy sports, they can use the tennis courts or the fitness room. The friendly management can organise tennis lessons, horse riding, cycling and scuba diving at Blue Marlin Dive, a full Padi centre. They are soon going to offer more activities for children. The complex is inland, around 1km from the beach and guests can use bicycles. Kids who can ride find cycling around the island a lot of fun. It’s the privacy and the space inside and outside the villas that make Kelapa Villas a great option for families.