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June's Highlight - L’atelier, Parfums et Creations

Make Perfume with Nora at the AYANA

Children Perfume Making Workshop (around 1 hour)

L'atelier Parfums et Creations Bali with Kids

This activity is a real hit with kids and you’ll find it nowhere else in Bali or for that matter in Indonesia! Nora Gasparini has a passion for smells, essential oils and perfumes and be careful because it is contagious. She has a great rapport with children and will keep them focused and interested all through this outstanding activity.

The aims and objectives are to introduce children to the art of fragrance composition and to develop their interest for olfaction. This is an opportunity to encourage a vocation! 

During the activity, children get to smell and identify various smells such as sweet orange, frangipani, jasmine, rose, chewing gum, banana, cappuccino, coconut, vanilla and more...

They then select their favorite smells and write the formula to create their own and unique perfume. Finally they get to name their creation and take a bottle of perfume home. The level of concentration of the kids is impressive. They leave with a diploma and a big smile on their face, feeling ever so proud of their creation. Boys love it as much as girls and feel like little scientists. Parents can attend an adult workshop to learn the basics of perfume making, get their hands on more than 40 essential oils and create a perfume that will fit their personality. An amazing experience!

Nora originates from Martinique and can lead the workshops in English or French. She also has translations available for Japanese customers.

L'atelier Parfums et Creations Bali

Rp 300,000 per child (this price does include the perfume).

More info on Parfums et Creations website.
The AYANA, Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran.
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Tel: 085857093747 or 361 702 222 ext 3747