Bali with Kids - Guidebook

Will you Dare Canyoning with Adventure and Spirit this Summer?


Canyoning is an ultimate outdoor adventure and sport using a variety of techniques and activities such as caving, walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, sliding down natural slope and swimming in white water. You will follow a natural water course in some parts of the canyon Itinerary. Suitable for everyone in good Health and able to swim, between 8 to 65 years old. Adventure and Spirit currently offer three tours that vary in length and difficulty.

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Kalimudah canyon tour is appropriate for discovering the activity of canyoning. It is also located in GitGit area and practicable throughout the year. Wonderful sequences of plants-covered, volcanic rock and natural warm spring basins encountered at the end of the tour make Kalimudah a discovery and sporty descent with lots of fun. This tour is for everyone, minimum age for children is 8 years old and the descent lasts for +/-2.3 hours.

Kali Kali tour is for beginners who want an easy canyoning initiation. It offers lots of fun as you experience descents, jumps, water slides, short rappels and gorges made of volcanic rock, caves, tuff, water and sulphur basins. The descent lasts +/-1h15.

The Kerenkali canyon tour is the extension of Kalimudah canyon and it is for those looking for a sporty experience. The first part is a sequence of activities as described above and the second part, sportier, enchanting rappel descents along waterfall (the highest is 20m), swim, jumps up to 10m (optional), floating, Balinese lunch at mid-way of the canyon. Kerenkali is a good choice for beginners of 16 years of age minimum in good shape who are looking for an adrenaline rush in a magic landscape.
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