Bali with Kids - Guidebook

Bali is a perfect destination for families with kids, whether you are on holidays or a resident. In the Balinese culture, children are kings and queens and the people of Bali love spending time talking and playing with them. As a family, you will feel that your kids are welcome everywhere by the locals.

However, it can be difficult to arrive in a new country, orientate yourself and find out what is available for families. This book is the compilation of favorite activities to do in Bali with kids. First hand experiences of Bali residents, comments from tourists and kids have been collated to give reliable information.

Contributions from tourism experts, culture gurus, children's writers and educators have been included to give other views and tips. The aim of this guide is that kids have a fun and special time while in Bali. If kids are kept busy with activities they enjoy, the whole family will have a fabulous and unforgettable time. Bali with Kids encourages parents to get out of their way to try new activities, meet new people and have lots of fun with their children.

Happy Kids Make Happy Parents !

Bali is a small island offering many different types of scenery with highlights and activities suited to each one of them. By the sea, families enjoy swimming, snorkeling, surfing, buggy boarding or scuba diving as well as engaging in various other water sports. Inland, Nature and Environment , volcanoes and countryside allow families to trek, Nature and Environment , climb mountains or just stroll and soak up the local culture. Recently Balinese entrepreneurs and foreigners have started to develop world-class venues to answer the needs of the growing family market and they have developed the entertainment, sports and education sectors. 

Bali is unique and a gem for parents but what will you find here that kids will enjoy? Being away from home, you can't just expect to find everything your kids love at home; never mind because Bali has a lot more in store and usually the cost will be a fraction of what it would be at home! Bali with Kids aims to give ideas to parents and be an invaluable source of information. It gives a description of the sites, activities and venues that are suitable for families with a broad indication of the age range and the cost. Details of activities were accurate at the time of printing but since there is a high turn over of places in Bali and costs can increase unexpectedly, parents are encouraged to contact the places or check their details on the website provided.

Activities are listed by type and background and Culture and the Arts is provided at the beginning of each chapter. An index at the back of the book will help the readers to find what they are loo

Water Sports

Surfing, Kite Surfing, Scuba Diving for Kids…


Amusement and Fun

With so many tourists and foreign residents, the entertainment industry is huge in Bali. Families can have a lot of fun and most activities will cost a lot less than it would in other countries, allowing you to do more. The list below includes top rated places, lesser-known places, new venues and all of them are 100% fun! 


Easy Birthdays

Celebrating your child's birthday in Bali can be easy and a lot of fun. You can do it all yourself and the beach is a popular place for kids to have games, races and share a birthday song and cake. At home, fancy dress or theme parties work well too. If you are on holiday, pick a restaurant from the kid friendly restaurants section and contact them before hand to organize a cake and candle. 


Culture and the Arts

Art is just about everywhere in Bali and it is what makes the place so special. The arts are linked intrinsically to Balinese culture and it is unique to the island. Whilst in Bali, it is a great experience to watch performances with your children, visit artistic places or take part in artistic activities to start learning visual arts, dance or music. Seeing a real performance with lights, sounds and costumes always fascinates children.


Kid Friendly Restaurants

What makes a kid friendly restaurant?