Bali with Kids - Guidebook


Health can be an issue in Bali as it is a tropical country. Some parents worry more about it than others and it is difficult to give rigid advice. Families are advised to talk to their doctor at home before coming to Bali to find out if there are vaccines their kids should have, what emergency kit medication to take with them. In any case it is vital to subscribe to a good travel and especially for longer stays international medical insurance. For serious health problems or accidents, it can be necessary to be evacuated, generally to Singapore or to a home country. It is therefore important to have an insurance that covers such situations.

If you or your child is on medication at home, don't assume you can find it in Bali and remember to bring it with you. Below is a short list of common medicine and prophylactics that you might consider bringing with you. However, this type of medicine can easily be obtained in pharmacies in Bali (apotek in Indonesian) and they generally have a member of the staff who can speak English. 

The establishments listed below are recommended and widely used by the expatriate community as well as tourists. They are considered the best on the island and they have practitioners who speak English. You will also find a numbers of local hospitals in various parts of the island but the medical in these establishments can be rudimentary. 

Valuable information about pregnancy, delivery and adoption in Indonesia can be found on the Jakarta Family Guide website: