Bali with Kids - Guidebook


Traveling with a baby or settling in a new country with little ones can be daunting. Another issue is that baby equipment and supplies take a lot of space and can weigh a lot in your luggage. Fortunately there are ways around that problem and we have listed below places to buy baby supplies, baby rental equipment companies, baby specialized shops and department stores and boutiques for baby presents. The more information you have beforehand, the easier it will be for your family. You will also find useful information, relevant to baby needs, in other sections of the guidebook.

You will feel very special with a baby Bali because they are the most precious things for Balinese people. Don't be surprised if your baby gets all the attention and if people want to pinch their cheeks, take a photo or carry them in their arms. It is quite natural in Indonesia.

Another big cultural difference is that babies in Indonesia are almost always carried in the arms or in a sling made of a long batik cloth. Strollers are almost inexistent and if you use the services of a baby sitter, you might have to explain how you would like her to deal with your baby or just go along with the Balinese way. 

The streets and the pavements can be rough and strollers with bigger wheels and suspension are more suitable to the terrain.