Bali with Kids - Guidebook


Bali is a well-known shopping paradise and when it comes to kids it is heaven too!

Whether you shop for clothes, toys, souvenirs or presents, below is a list of charming boutiques selling original products made in Bali. Many foreign clothes brands are also designed and made in Bali and you can buy them at a much cheaper cost here in their shops or factory outlets. 

Markets all over the island are also good places to pick up real bargains for handicrafts, clothes and souvenirs and you can bargain the price. 

If you would like to bring back a Balinese traditional costume home, we have included two illustrations and a description from My Life in Bali that will explain these unique items of clothing.

For the youngest ones, Bali is home to many original brands designed on the island and often exported abroad. Prices are more interesting here and you can sometimes pay close to the wholesale price. 

Don't miss all the other shops listed on the Babies chapter and some of the online shops distributing internationally. 

We have also included some of the most popular department stores and there are many more selling local brands or more expensive exported goods. 

In Bali there seems to be more frequent sales than in other countries and it s worth keeping an eye on the sales advertised on billboards, newspapers and shop windows. 

We have also listed surf shops and other urban stores that will appeal to teenagers and you will no doubt fall upon other branches of the famous brands. 

Finally you will find a few specialized shops selling unusual or typical products that you might consider taking home as presents. However, this chapter could be a book in itself and it is impossible to list them all.