Bali with Kids - Guidebook

Villas and Spa

Private villas or villa complex are particularly attractive to families who want to have some freedom in terms of time, space and do not feel that they might disturb other holiday makers. 

It is convenient to have several rooms for members of a family or friends and it is often more convenient than having rooms side by side in a hotel and can turn out to be more economical. They usually feel they can relax better and enjoy the same or better facilities than they would have at home. It is the privacy and intimacy of villas that more and more visitors are valuing in Bali. The staff and service in Bali also makes the difference and guests appreciate this luxury. Advertisements for villas can be found in local publications and on forums on the Internet such as Mic's accommodation list Many agencies are on the Internet and you can browse their listings and book directly from them. The agency and the villas listed below are renowned for their reliability, high standards and excellent service to families with children. 

Don't miss the full Spa experience whilst in Bali! You can have a massage just about anywhere and a short beach massage is an option if your children would like to try and see if they like it. Girls will enjoy having their hair braided for a change of look and manicures and pedicures but keep an eye on the hygiene standards. You will be amazed how a little pampering can soothe and relax your kids and everyone in the family. Enjoy!