Bali with Kids - Guidebook

Kid Friendly Restaurants

What makes a kid friendly restaurant? 

They come in many different shapes and forms but here are some of the things that kids enjoy: space, a play area, coloring pencils, yummy food in a kid specific menu, fun food presentation, self service, entertainment, themes, friendly staff, other kids around, comfortable seating, humorous wall displays, treats, quick service, music or live performances, water features, freedom to move around and make noise, unusual toilets and being treated as a special guest.

As a parent you will be more interested in healthy food, safety and seeing your kid enjoying himself but ultimately, a good kid friendly restaurant means you will be able to enjoy your meal too and share a special moment.

Many children develop a real taste for Indonesian food and it is enriching for them to try different flavors and ingredients. You will find some advice below about how to introduce kids to local cuisine. 

Bali offers so many options that it has been called the paradise of food and here you can afford to eat well and even organically. Healthy joints are mushrooming all over the island and some of them have thought about kids and are able to offer choices on their menu that children will enjoy. Nowadays it is important to educate our children about what healthy ingredients are and about the damage that junk food does. 

Brunches, high teas and healthy finger foods are now on offer for families and kids. These formulas are particularly attractive for children because they enjoy special treats and small tasting portions that are different than what they normally eat at home. Several establishments now cater for families and parents enjoy spending hours in a relaxed atmosphere while their children are having lots of fun.