Bali with Kids - Guidebook

Culture and the Arts

Art is just about everywhere in Bali and it is what makes the place so special. The arts are linked intrinsically to Balinese culture and it is unique to the island. Whilst in Bali, it is a great experience to watch performances with your children, visit artistic places or take part in artistic activities to start learning visual arts, dance or music. Seeing a real performance with lights, sounds and costumes always fascinates children.

Children who start to develop an appreciation for the arts at a young age have an advantage both intellectually and in their understanding of the world around them. By being active and taking part in classes or workshops, they will learn important skills that are not always taught at school, whether it is manual, physical, coordination, listening, fine motor or other specific skills.

In this section you will find a selection of venues, classes and workshops that will give your kids a good introduction and initiation into the arts. While most focus on Balinese and Indonesian arts, others offer arts from other places in the world. 

It is possible to do a one off taster session or to join courses open to both tourists and residents. All the activities listed in this chapter are run in English or have a person who speaks English to help.