Bali with Kids - Guidebook

Amusement and Fun

With so many tourists and foreign residents, the entertainment industry is huge in Bali. Families can have a lot of fun and most activities will cost a lot less than it would in other countries, allowing you to do more. The list below includes top rated places, lesser-known places, new venues and all of them are 100% fun! 

If you can, we advise you to call the venue before going, as places tend to change or cease to operate frequently in Bali. You can also ask your hotel to call for you. 

Most places have safety standards but parents always need to exert caution at all times. 

If you live in Bali and have a Kitas, you will get special discounts in most places. Packages for families are also often available. 

We want to keep Bali with Kids updated and your comments are highly valuable. Please send us an email if you discover new places that your kids have enjoyed.