Bali with Kids - Guidebook

By the Sea

Make the most of the island of Bali and start exploring the various beaches to engage in fun and sporty activities by the sea. 

A day at the beach never fails to provide fun for kids. It is essential, though, that parents exert caution at all times because the sea can be treacherous in Bali. Every year there are accidents and safety has to be taken seriously. Always swim where other people are swimming and keep within the designated areas marked with flags the red and yellow. Look at the waves to try and work out the currents and the rips. If you see red flags indicating rip currents do NOT swim there even if you see surfers in the ocean. The tides need to be taken into consideration and you'll find a free chart here:

One of the great things about Bali is that each stretch of coast has its own characteristics and this adds to the island's diversity. You will find that different beaches lend themselves to distinct activities and age groups as explained below.

Of course parents must be wary of the sun and even if the sky looks cloudy, the UV rays can be harmful. Remember to bring sun cream, sunglasses, rash vests and plenty of drinking water. 

Water Sports are popular and many visitors come to enjoy the wonders of the underwater world or the adrenaline of fast water sports. Take time with your children to go out at sea and look back at the beauty of Bali. In the Water Sports, we have listed several companies offering water sports activities highly recommended by the New Residents