Bali with Kids - Guidebook

Nature and Environment

The appeal of Bali lies in its natural beauty and variety of scenery.

Most children appreciate being in close contact with nature and doing physical activities. It is important to give them as many opportunities as possible to go out and be active. Children will remember active holidays forever and, if you live here, it is all too easy to keep doing the same activities and not venture out of your comfort zone. You will not regret a little family adventure. Kids will love seeing and interacting with Encounter with Animals and in Bali opportunities abound to observe nature, insects, monkeys, all sorts of mammals, fish, sea creatures and amphibians. It's like watching Animal Planet live! Teach them which animals they shouldn't touch but don't make them scared of nature. Watching the authentic way of life of the Balinese in the countryside is instructive and teaches a lot about the Culture and the Arts. Draw your kids' attention to the activities in the rice fields, in the seaweed farms and of the fishermen going out to sea. 

The environment is worth discussing with your kids, first of all to make them appreciate it, but also to draw their attention to its fragility and problems. Parents shouldn't miss the opportunity to explain how human actions can affect our planet. Let them think of solutions themselves. "What would you do if you were president of the universe?" 

Here are some ideas that will make kids appreciate their surroundings, meet the animals and take part in sports. 

All are guaranteed to be 100% fun.