Bali with Kids - Guidebook

First Birthday Ceremony

A Balinese baby embodies the soul of a reincarnated ancestor and is said to be an infant god of Dewa, until he is 42 days old.

When a baby is born, he is carried around on a family member's hip as it is not allowed to touch the impure soil until it is 105 days old. It's first birthday is celebrated 210 days after birth, a year in the Balinese calendar, and the mother makes a temple offering to announce the child's arrival in the village.

For this ceremony Dodi, the father had to sell 2 cows (more then 10 million) and he invited all the villagers. The preparations started weeks in advance and the host have to give guests food (rice, pork), cigarettes, drinks and small money in an offering basket in return. The baby's hair is shaved because religion tells that by doing this the child is "getting clean" from the placenta of the mom. 

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