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Bali Marathon


From 12:00 am to 12:00 am

About this event

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Organised by Bank International Indonesia - BII, the BII Maybank Bali Marathon (BMBM) 2012 is the first international full marathon held in Indonesia in over 20 years. The event will be held on Sunday, 22 April 2012. The race will start and finish near to the Bali Safari and Marine Park. The race will feature a combination of flat road and rolling hills. 

The event will feature Bali’s iconic landmarks and traditional dance along the course. The Marathon Relay promises to foster both teamwork and strategic planning among a team of five runners completing the Full Marathon in a relay format. 

The race is also dedicated to promote charity programme. 


Adopting the theme of “Push Your Limit” the BII Maybank Bali Marathon 2012 aims to encourage participants and the general public to develop a fighting spirit and always make a maximal effort in working towards personal goals. 

The BII Maybank Bali Marathon also marks a growing public awareness of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through participation in a regular program of sporting activities. 

By “pushing the limit” the organizers hope to inspire people to achieve and excel personal targets while thinking positively and moving on to even greater achievements in the future.


BII chose Bali as the best location for BII Maybank Bali Marathon. Besides being a beautiful tourism area, there are several reasons why the company picks Bali as the event’s location: Bali is a well known tourism location that has been visited by more than 2.75 million tourists in every year. BII also packaged the marathon race in an interesting and different way, thus the event becomes unique athletic occasion by putting Bali’s culture. Bali has several appropriate and suitable infrastructures to meet the requirements, such as hotel, aviation, desirable destination, etc. People and Officials of Bali are cordially welcoming the event, as part of their support to BII Maybank Bali Marathon. 

The marathon race will also be the part of Indonesia’s tourism promo.

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Jalan Pantai Masceti, Blahbatu, Indonésie