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About lying to kids

Anyone who says they never lie to their children is telling whoppers, says Marty Wilson


Mother Robin' wins CNN Hero of the Year

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Robin Lim, an American woman who has helped thousands of poor Indonesian women have a healthy pregnancy and birth, was named the 2011 CNN Hero of the Year on Sunday night.


Basa Bali

Laetitia Chanèac-Knight and Alissa Stern outline their plan to preserve Balinese with the help of modern technology

Scientists agree that it is vital to preserve species to keep our ecosystems intact, to provide answers to human health and other questions and to sustain the life of our planet. But what about languages? A language represents a particular view of the world, centuries of unique traditions, and a particular understanding of the environment and how to live with it in harmony. Yet languages, like species, evolve in response to a set of internal and external factors.


Shopping Frenzy by Bali with Kids

Have you explored Jl. Raya Kerobokan yet? No doubt, this haven for small boutiques selling original and well-priced clothes, toys and gifts for young children is a treasure trove for parents. Parking can be an issue, walking on the pavement along traffic can wear you out, but these small drawbacks should not be stumbling blocks to a satisfying kids shopping experience. So next time you are in the vicinity of Seminyak, just head to the end of Sunset Boulevard, hang a right away from the boutiques of Oberoi and keep your eyes open for some of our favourite shopping spots.

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Motivating the Budding Artists

Do your kids like to be told tales, design book covers, dance to their own stories, screen print a T-shirt or meet journalists and writers in the flesh?

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Geoff Mulgan: A short intro to the Studio School

Some kids learn by listening; others learn by doing. Geoff Mulgan gives a short introduction to the Studio School, a new kind of school in the UK where small teams of kids learn by working on projects that are, as Mulgan puts it, "for real."

Raghava KK: Shake up your story

Artist Raghava KK demos his new children's book for iPad with a fun feature: when you shake it, the story -- and your perspective -- changes. In this charming short talk, he invites all of us to shake up our perspective a little bit.

Top 10 Family Resorts - Bali

This year, the annual Top 10 Resorts list was compiled not only from the results of a reader survey sent to Holidays with Kids extensive magazine and online readership, but with the assistance of our partners Club Med, Ubid 4 Rooms and Take a Break, the survey reached a total database of nearly 500,000 people.


Top 25 experiences in Bali & Lombok

A farmer cleans a paddy field in the dawn light.

The mere mention of 'Bali' evokes thoughts of a paradise. It's more than a place: it's a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind.Yes, Bali has beaches, surfing, diving, and resorts great and small, but it's the essence of Bali – and the Balinese – that makes it so much more than just a fun-in-the-sun retreat. It is possible to take the cliché of the smiling Balinese too far, but in reality, the inhabitants of this small island are indeed a generous, genuinely warm people.