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Doing Flip-Flops to Help Bali Kids

Havaianas and Taman Bacaan Pelangi Join Forces to Supply Books and Shoes to the Children of Eastern Indonesia


Just me and my son: crossing Indonesia by motorbike

Zac, Indonesia
Zac in Bali, and swapping two wheels for four. 


Pampering for Kids, Mums and Dads

Some of the best spas around Bali have revised their menu to include treatments and rituals for the whole family and kids love it!

Pampering bali kids

That Was The Year That Was

Bali by the Numbers: Year-End Wrap on 2011 – a Year When 2.75 million Foreign Tourists Visited Bali

Final Bali arrival figures for 2011 tallied 2,756,579 foreign tourists, an increase of 10.57% over the total for 2010 (2,493,058).

For the four years 2008 – 2011, Bali experienced an average annual growth rate in foreign tourist arrivals of 10%.

Month-to-month arrival totals over the four year period also demonstrates that in terms of seasonality Bali has no “low season” but, instead, a“shoulder season” stretching from January to March.


Spoiling Baby

Bali’s Range of Spa Services Now Extend to Baby Massage

While Bali is widely acknowledged as a leading world destination for spa therapies, it is perhaps a lesser known fact that the island’s pampering services also extends to those still wearing Pampers©.


Love is Sweet

Valentine's Day is more than just romance and what better way for families to show their love than by offering and sharing the most delicious, ice creams, cakes and chocolates?


Green Bali for Kids

Ecotourism is a trendy concept for all the right reasons. When families stay in an ecolodge and discover eco activities, children become aware of the environment and benefit a great deal from spending quality time close to nature. Bali now offers various kid friendly ecolodges in beautiful surroundings so why not try and go back to nature for a weekend or longer?


Bali orphanages: How tourist cash funds a racket

A boy at the Dharma Jati orphanage, Bali

As tourism has boomed in Bali, it has had a strange side-effect, doubling the number of orphanages on the island in 20 years. Tourists' donations keep the orphanages going - but some are effectively rackets, exploiting children and holidaymakers alike.